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PLEASE NOTE: Although the site is live, (feel free to register), no orders will ship until our opening date of 23rd June!
All stock levels are set at 0 until opening day. (you can still place an order)
Orders placed now will be subject to our usual +7 day turnaround for out of stock items.
On the 23rd, the site will become a 'true stock' site, with each item having its in stock availability listed live and updated immediately.

Privacy Notice

We take your privacy seriously, as such we will never share your details with anyone or any company, the only ones with access work for Imperial Games and that access stops here.

We do not store credit card details, (we do not even see them), all the information we have is visible in your account

Should you ever want your details removed please Contact us and we will work with you to make sure which ever parts of your information you want removed, or delete it entirely.

What we will do with your detail is service your needs, we will use your address to ship items, your email to send you the newsletter, (if you have subscribed).

We only take this a minor step forward with your address, we will use it to work out which emails you receive, there is no sense in emails about the store itself being sent to someone in Glasgow!

In the course of servicing your account of course, we must pass your name and address to any courier we use, although we do not pass details to royal mail, they will of course be able to read your name and address on the package as with any delivery.

If your ever concerned about the courier holding your address, please Contact us and we will give you their contact details.

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